From Data Islands


For CSV: eg.addserver csv "FOLDERPATH"

For Xero: eg.addserver xero

For Files: eg.addserver files "FOLDERPATH"

For ODBC: eg.addserver odbc "CONNECTION STRING"

For SQLite: eg.addserver sqlite "CONNECTION STRING"

Description : Add a SQL/MYSQL/POSTGRESQL/CSV/XERO/FILES/ODBC server to our connection list. For CSV/XERO/FILES/ODBC/SQLite/USERNAME AND PASSWORD are not required or used (though may be in the connection string). 

For Xero, first needs to authenticate and then needs to copy code value from browser address bar and paste in console app. 

For Files, we need to give folder path which contains any type of files and later user can upload the files to Server. 

For Odbc, we need to give complete connection string eg. "Dsn=MS Access Database;dbq=C:\db.accdb;".

For SQLite, we need to give complete connection string eg. "Data Source=C:\SQLiteDB\test.db;Version=3; FailIfMissing=True; Foreign Keys=True;"