Sage Cloud

From Data Islands

If you are installing the Data Islands console app on a Sage Cloud server (accessing through Sage Partner Cloud) there are some considerations.

  1. When you connect into the server via the Virtual Machine link (when logged in via the Edge Browser) you may not have that users full credentials.
  2. So when installing the console app you need to be aware that by default it installs in that users "context" and user folder
  3. So later if you try setup a script(or scipts) to run in windows Task Scheduler your user that you have (usually called "sageadmin") typically wont have the same permissions.
  4. The advice then is to run the command line as the "sageadmin" user
  5. Then navigate to where you have the DataIslands console setup saved and run the console installer under that users context
  6. This will then install the console app in EG "C:\users\sageadmin" and you can then use that user in Task Scheduler.
  7. The difficulty this presents though is that you have to run the Data Islands console app from a command line using that user to get things setup.