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Syntax : jint "<OBJECT NAME>" <ENTER>

Description : Jint command will be used to initialize Javascript Object which we can use to perform available commands same as Javascript syntax.

For eg.

>jint di




You can write and run javascript commands (and scripts in ,js files) allowing you to code iteratation over a dataset (querydb), alter the data (in a csv for example) and automate region creation and various other commands.

The command is


to switch into javascript coding mode.

You can write a js file and execute using the file path parameter

> jint "pathtofile/file.js"

Here is a sample script that queries a "customers" table for any customers that have a flag set and then for each of those it creates a data island "region" and pushes up the customers "orders" to an island.

var result = di.connect("youraccount","yourpassword");

var table = di.querydb("select top 2 * from customers where hasregionflag='Y'");

for(var x=0;x<table.Rows.Count;x++)


   var fieldValue = table.Rows[x]['CustomerID'];


   var qorders=di.querydb("select * from Orders where customerid='"+fieldValue+"'");



'''More Examples'''

a. Accessing Column names

var table = di.querydb("select top 2 * from customers where hasregionflag='Y'");

for(var x=0;x<table.Columns.Count;x++)


   var _colName= table.Columns[x].ColumnName;



b. Altering data before pushing - you can add a column and alter existing

var table = di.querydb("select * from customers");


///adds a column to the dataset

for(var x=0;x<table.Rows.Count;x++) {

var fieldValueID = table.Rows[x]['CustomerID'];

var fieldValueCode = table.Rows[x]['CustomerCode'];

table.Rows[x]['SomeCustomfield']=fieldValueID+fieldValueCode; //composite field


///pass in the altered dataset

di.push("customers", table);


Comments in code

Single line comments only are supported and they must be on their own line.

Not working

var x=2;//set x to 2


//set x to 2

var x=2;

and not working


multiline comments

are not supported


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