Sage 100 ProvideX SQL

From Data Islands

This page is to assist in how queries are written in ProvideX and specifically references Sage 100.

We do this with some examples.This is not definitive by any means and there may be other ways to achieve the same thing. Please contact us if you would like to provide any feedback.

1.Triming text {FN RTRIM(FIELDNAME)}


select {FN RTRIM(CustomerNo)} as CustomerNo from AR_CustomerContact

EG 2

{FN LTRIM({FN RTRIM(ac.CustomerName)})} as CustomerName,

2. Getting the curent date


{FN CURRENT_DATE()} as acdatadatetime

3. Display a number as Money

'$' + {FN CONVERT(BalanceDue, SQL_VARCHAR )} as BalanceDue,

4. Date Comparrison.


a. This example return the number of months between the field "DateCreated" and the current date.

where {fn TIMESTAMPDIFF(SQL_TSI_MONTH, {fn CURDATE()}, DateCreated)} < -3

5. Concatonate strings


{FN CONCAT('https://',ac.URLAddress)} AS URLAddress,

5. Get the Month name (DateUpdated is the field name)


{FN MONTHNAME(DateUpdated)}

6. Substring


{FN SUBSTR("This is a long string but we just want a bit of it",1,4)}